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GCUBE™ Rental

GCUBE™-RENTAL is a customized service addressed to all customers handling a big number of returnable IBCs and facing the following problems:

  • first investment aimed to create an IBC rolling stock
  • periodic investments in order to renovate the IBC rolling stock:
  • waste of time and money for picking-up empty IBCs from the final users;
  • refurbishing costs for the used IBCs in order to make them suitable for a new trip;
  • impossibility to evaluate a standard and correct refurbishment incidence cost on a single shipment;
  • direct liability for the IBC certification linked to all trips after the first one;.

All our customers, already enrolled for our GCUBE™-RENTAL service, have been able to concentrate their activities on packaging and shipping their products within rented GCUBE™ IBCs, with the following advantages:

  • elimination of the first investment aimed to create a GCUBE™ rolling stock;
  • elimination of periodic investments for refurbishing the IBC stock, because GREIFadds new GCUBE™ IBCs when necessary;
  • time and money savings, not having to pick-up empty IBCs from the final customers;
  • elimination of upkeep-costs for refurbishing used IBCs, because GREIF takes care of every work and test which is necessary in order to guarantee that all used IBCs are suitable for a further usage.
  • the rental costs are fix and therefore their incidence on every single shipment is easy to calculate;
  • legal responsibility only as far as the verification of the GCUBE™ reused IBC conformity is concerned.

All GCUBE™ IBCs belonging to the GCUBE™-RENTAL service, have a bar-code label and are managed by software which can supply statistical data. GCUBE™-RENTAL service can also provide solutions for the pick-up of IBC rolling stocks already belonging to the Customer.
Ask for the support of Greif Plastics Italy operators: we will study a tailor-made GCUBE™-RENTAL program suitable to your needs.