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Our jerrycans are UN certified according to the ADR regulation for transport and storage of dangerous products and they are also suitable for the usage in food markets.

The C2 and C3 models are perfectly stackable. Thanks to the peculiar design of bottom and head they guarantee an extremely safe and stable palletisation. The dimensions of these cans have been designed  to optimize the base surface of the most common pallets: CP1 ( 1000×1200) and CP2 (800×1200).

The blown handle allows the user a comfortable  hold and its staple avoids the stagnation of product; moreover the cavity in the low part of the tank facilitates the movement with both hands during the emptying operations. On request jerrycans can be personalized with different colours and/or relief marks on the body, according to minimal quantities to be verified.

AG version has been devised to be packaged in boxes of 4 pieces.


Our jerrycans are produced with blow moulding technology in high density and high molecular weight polyethylene with the addiction of anti-UV additive. The food contact suitability must be explicitly requested.


Our jerrycans are typified by different nozzles of several diameters and kinds, which allow the user to screw a wide range of caps: self-sealing, degassing caps (one or two ways), cap with micro porous membrane, with thermal hardened seal, with faucet, with meter, child-proof. The position and the design of the nozzles guarantee the complete emptying .


The complete range is certified for road, air and sea transport of dangerous liquids according to the ONU regulation and RID/ADR IMO/IMDG ICAO RTMD laws.


Our jerrycans are produced with the newest axial and radial checking systems, that allow an optimal distribution of the thickness and guarantee excellent resistance to mechanical stress (compression and drop test).